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05 Jun 2016

Infographic | 5 Quick Facts On Alcohol Use

In my initial interview, I find out from all my patients about their daily/weekly alcohol consumption. I am often shocked at how many individuals in the Johannesburg region who drink excessively, and I suspect patients think I am overreacting or being overcautious. This infographic summarises some of the guidelines which were released this year in the United Kingdom.  It’s important to remember that these drinking guidelines are written for the general population and are not for people who suffer from any mental health issues. Alcohol makes most psychiatric disorders worse and more complicated to treat. I advise all patients to […]
18 Jul 2016

Binge drinking and blackouts are bad for you

Binge Drinking is very common in South Africa. Most people don’t understand what it is or why it is dangerous for your health. Binge Drinking is when you consume a large amount of alcohol in a short period. General guidelines say it is the equivalent of 8 units of alcohol a night for me and 6 Units of alcohol a night for women. Please remember that 1 unit of alcohol does not equal 1 Drink. If you read this previous infographic on this blog, you will see that is the equivalent of about five beers for men ( 5*330ml) or […]