Individual Assessment and Treatment

Wellness WheelThe initial appointment with myself includes a thorough 60 – 90 minute long psychiatric history and examination and medication management. During this evaluation, I start to get an understanding of ‘Who you are’. This wheel is a diagram of the approach I use. I look at all the aspects on this wheel while assessing your overall mental health.

I need to get an understanding of your past and present mental health difficulties, and will work with you to come up with a plan to improve your symptoms and functioning. This may involve medical investigations (e.g. blood tests/ EEG), discussions with previous treating doctors or involvement of family members and appropriate prescription or alterations of medications.

After consultation, I prefer regular patient follow-up until stabilization occurs.I would then see you every few months (minimum every six months). The majority of my patients are seeing either psychologists /therapists or myself for short or long therapy. I’m passionate about improving the mental health and functioning of my patients and believe that education and self empowerment is the key to success. Im dedicated to helping patients understand their difficulties and develop acceptance of themselves.

Independent Medical Examinations

Dr. Miric is skilled in performing independent medical examinations for insurance purposes and for providing second opinions. Her assessments are thorough, impartial, and valuable for insurers / employers and those seeking alternative diagnoses or treatment confirmations.