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19 Jun 2016

Sleep and Smartphones: incompatible

I saw this video which describes the problems with using smartphones before bed. It follows on from my previous post on the topic – Screen time at bedtime  
26 Jul 2016

Kristen Bell talks about her struggles with depression and anxiety

This is a short youtube video clip featuring Kristen Bell who opened up about her struggles with depression and anxiety. She speaks so eloquently and describes how treatment has helped her. She also discusses shame which many people experience when they have a mental illness.
23 Oct 2020

Social Anxiety Disorder – more than just being shy

This first post will describe Social Anxiety Disorder, and the following one will look at treatment options. Social Anxiety Disorder is a significant anxiety disorder, which results in considerable disruption to an individual’s life. It generally starts in childhood and is often not recognized and is passed off as shyness. However, it is not only shyness. Typical features in adults include overthinking future social events and the possible things that could wrong. Once individuals have been in a social situation, they ruminate over everything that went ‘wrong’ in their minds during that social event. Untreated Social Anxiety disorder frequently results […]