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01 Dec 2014
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04 Dec 2014
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Be Kind and Gentle to yourself

its important to be gentle with yourself

I got this great picture from this blog and I thought it was fitting for my post today.

Be kind to yourself is something I frequently say to my patients as a parting comment. I know it’s been a tough year for many people, and I thought as the year quietens down, its worth reflecting on things which can be done to improve your mental health.

First, let’s think how you would be kind to someone else?

You would be polite, caring, genuine, friendly, and tolerant of any weaknesses in your interaction with them.

Imagine if you could do all of that for yourself.

Being kind and gentle to yourself means accepting yourself and genuinely caring about your physical and emotional self. It’s a strange concept, but you will find that when you ‘give yourself a break’ that the intensity of your emotions decrease and can decrease depression and anxiety.


Be kind to yourself……….when you are lambasting yourself about losing that job you couldn’t cope with due to your anxiety or low mood.

Be gentle with yourself……….when you are feeling weak and tired. Its ok- and its not the same as ‘feeling sorry for oneself’.

Be kind to yourself……….when you think you are a failure and life is hopeless because you have a mental illness.

Be gentle with yourself……….When your concentration and memory is not as good as it used to be.

For those people who have struggled this year, be gentle and kind with yourself, realize that you have been through a hard time, and you have survived. Try (and I know it is hard) to accept it for what it is, and let some of those pent up feelings that surround this last year go. We are our own worse critic, stop being so hard on yourself.