Finding professional help for depression in South Africa

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04 Dec 2014
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26 Dec 2014
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Finding professional help for depression in South Africa

There are a few ways to find help for treatment of depression.

In the private sector, initially I would advise approaching a general practitioner who can confirm the diagnosis and start treatment if necessary. Alternatively, make an appointment with a psychologist in your area and discuss your concerns with him/her.

If your depression is complicated and not responding well to treatment, I would recommend that you see a psychiatrist for a more intense assessment.

In the public sector there are local mental health clinics in all districts ( definitely in Gauteng). Go to your local clinic and ask to see the mental health nursing sister. She may be in that clinic or based at another nearby clinic. There are also a few psychologists available in the public sector.

If you/ or a family member are acutely suicidial or incredibly distressed I advise that you seek urgent help.

Emergency Contact Numbers :

  • Suicide Crisis Line- 0800 567 567 SMS 31393
  • Akeso Psychiatric Response Unit 24 Hour- 0861 435 787
  • SADAG Mental Health Line- 011 234 4837