16 Nov 2014

All about Lamotrigine/Lamictin for non-psychiatrists

Lamicitin is an antiepileptic which is registered for use for Bipolar Disorder 1- maintenance phase, and Epilepsy. It is commonly used by psychiatrists to treat Treatment-resistant depression, Bipolar Spectrum disorders and mood instability associated with Borderline Personality Disorder. Lamicitin works on voltage sensitive sodium channels and gated sodium and calcium channels / sigma opioid receptors. What do you need to know about Lamicitin which your patients are taking? Pros Generally considered to be one the best drug on the market for Bipolar Disorder II, due to its antidepressant and mood stabiliser effect. Weight neutral. One of the safest meds to […]
28 Feb 2015

Doc, can I have a drink?

The research is out there – if you suffer from a mood disorder (depression or bipolar disorder) and you drink alcohol – it can affect your mood stability. Alcohol been shown to Increase episodes of mood disturbances Worsen the intensity of mood disturbances Cause a relapse of symptoms What does alcohol do to the brain? Alcohol enters the body via the stomach and is absorbed and transported in the blood to the brain (amongst other organs). In the brain, it affects various neurochemicals – particularly in a way that causes euphoria (happiness), slowed thinking, sleepiness and disinhibition. This is a […]